Hiking the Lava Fields

I know this is a belated post (since we took this hike two weekends ago), but I really wanted to share some more of our pictures from this beautiful hike. Better late than never! Here in Iceland, it is not uncommon to be a member of one or more hiking clubs. These clubs post their planned excursions online and you can essentially rsvp that you intend to join them or just show up at the designated meeting place. We hound this hiking club on Facebook (gasp!) and the organizer of the club offered us a ride in his self-described super-jeep. (Later on he handed us each a pamphlet. I guess he and his super-jeep are available for hire at a rate we would not be able to afford.) His club has over 2,000 members, but only some show up regularly for the hikes.

He drove us to a convenience store near a gas station and soon the place was teeming with sporty looking people sipping coffee and grabbing a quick bite to eat.  From there, everyone carpooled to the start of our lava field hike, just outside Grindavík. The group gathered as our super-jeep driver addressed the crowd (in Icelandic, of course). Chris and I were the only non-Icelanders there, so we didn’t catch what he was saying, but we did catch that he said a couple funny things because everyone else laughed. Nice.

Then we headed out, people dividing into groups and chatting as the hiked. We kept to ourselves a bit, but talked to a couple friendly people on the hike. Before long, we found ourselves near the end of the pack, because we were talking, enjoying ourselves, and we paused to photograph a lot! I’ll let the pictures do the talking now.