Little Nuggets of Happiness

Throughout my brief time here, I have taken many pictures and noticed many random things that have made me very happy. So, I thought to myself, why not post them together. This way, perhaps they will seem less random and more like a cohesive collection of random little nuggets of happiness.

"mornin sunshine" is always in my window


The first item I unpacked and put in it's rightful place in the kitchen window was this lovely little painting by artist Carla Thompson of Northfield, MN. I received it as a present from Inger & Fred, my dear family friends and my extra set of parents. They knew darkness would be coming, and that I could always use some "mornin sunshine." As daylight is beginning to dwindle, I see this little painting and it makes me remember the love of my friends and family back home and the kind thoughts and well wishes from so many wonderful people. Thank you, Inger. Thank you, Fred. And thank you, Carla Thompson. You've brought a bright little nugget of happiness into my daily life.

colorful houses and rooftops can brighten my day


This is the reflection of the red roof near our apartment in the window of the seafoam green rooftop across the courtyard from our apartment. Did you follow that? Cool color combinations are always within view! There is a bright green roof I can see through our living room window, too. Am I lucky or what?

Here, people can paint their houses like a highlighter (or the color of my boss's office) and they blend in fairly well. I think that is impressive and commendable!


they say it like it is


This is what the window reads outside the Lebowski Bar downtown. I love that it is OPEN...but with a few exceptions. I love the love of love and the intolerance of intolerance.

whoever draws this kitty face everywhere


I am not a fan of tagging. I think it is terrible. Except in the case of this person who draws a smiling kitty face. Our first days here, we walked around a lot, and we saw this kitty face all over...on trash receptacles, at bus stops, in tunnels. I think whoever wrote their initials on the fountain should have to scrub it off and publicly apologize, but I find myself on the lookout for the kitty face. I don't get it, but it makes me very happy.

moss grows on everything


Chris gave me a tour of the University campus where he works, and I had to pause to photograph the sidewalk. I had already noticed the moss everywhere, but I loved how it looks flocked almost, inching its way from the sides of the walk.


Sometimes moss decorates a lovely scene in which a cute family feeds the ducks and swans. Moss is so cute. It makes me happy, paired with...

berries and rose hips


I cannot get enough of these little pops of color. There are not many trees, but seeing berries and rose hips make me smile from ear to ear. Total happy nuggets.

cool americans


Sweet things are to Kirsten what Doritos are to Chris. He loooves Doritos! And we were amused when we saw what Cool Ranch flavor is called here. We overheard a couple guys while we were on our way out of the grocery store the other day, asking where the "Cool Americans" are. "We just left," I said, and giggled. :)