We walked in and wandered around the beautiful concert hall in Reykjavík called Harpa. It's amazing glass facade was designed by Olaffur Eliasson. It opened in May of 2011, so it is a fairly new landmark here. The experience of walking around inside is almost dizzying because there are so many stairs and angles and panes of glass and reflections and refractions of light. It is beautiful, and a place I will certainly bring anyone who comes here to visit us. ImageImageImageImageImage

The ceiling offered me a unique opportinity to take a self portrait, so I took it.


When I walked toward this glass, all I could think of was my dad and how much he would want some Windex and a rag to take care of all these fingerprints and smudges. It made me chuckle, because that is kind of what I wanted to do, too!