Sloths in Love

I was thrilled when some of my friends in Iceland commissioned this piece for Kika and Martin, an adorable couple getting married in Germany. They had come to a print sale I participated in and had seen my painting of a sloth hanging from a branch. They loved the sloth and they thought of Kika when they saw it, and really thought she would love it. My friends asked if I could create a piece with two sloths, loosely based on the single sloth. I loved the idea and ran with it. This is what the piece with the single sloth looked like.


I am really pleased with how the final turned out. And, my friends were kind enough to give me permission to make the artwork available for sale as prints and products. If you are interested in having this piece customized for a special couple you know, please contact me. I would love to share the love of this piece with other couples by hand-lettering new names beneath the piece. And though it will be a print, it can be one of a kind and personalized.


Next I am hoping someone wants a piece with a sloth couple and a baby sloth. Wouldn't that be adorable? And then, perhaps a mama and baby sloth. Hmm... The possibiities are endless! :)