April Project: Day 1

Happy Old New Year!

Yes, that's right! It's the New Year's Day of the Julian calendar! It's the day that makes people who are celebrating the new year look like fools, hence April Fool's Day is also today.

Because the old new year is starting, I am making an old new year's resolution. Every single day this month I will post a new piece of art. Please hold me accountable. Not every piece will be something amazing, but rather I am trying to loosen up and play this month. I will set aside some time to be playful and creative and experiment, and I will share it all right here on my blog and on my instagram. Feel free to follow along, friends!

Because of the French tradition of Poisson d'Avril, (April Fish), I have decided to post these watercolor fish I just made. I will likely develop this piece further another day, but to start the old new year right, I simply needed to post whatever I have to show you today! :)


If you want a laugh, look through these... Happy April Fish!