My Spain Trip

Hello lovelies! I am still feeling the warmth and sun from my vacation as I sit here in Reykjavik, which has really been helped by the beautiful weather we had here this weekend! I took so many pictures on my trip to Spain that it became an overwhelming task to sort through them all, select those I wish to share with you, and color correct, etc. But I think, before too much time passes, I should share my pictures with you. Why not today? Why not now?

My husband and I spent a week in Barcelona, then we rented a car and drove to Cadaques where we stayed in a lovely casita in a national park for the weekend. Then we drove back to Barelona to catch the train to Madrid where Chris attended meetings on the project he is a part of. While in Madrid, we shared a lovely penthouse with Bjarki (friend and coworker of Chris, also there for the meetings) and his wife, Linda (my partner in relaxation and appreciation of Madrid).

Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip. Click on one to open up a lightbox in which to flip through them one at a time.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! I'll share more photos of inspiration as I make some Spain-inspired illustrations and patterns!